A Pattaya View

As I walk towards the window of my room in this Pattaya beach hotel. I looked out and saw the view. It was spectacular to be sure, but something bugged me.

The view was beautiful, as I mentioned before. To the left was an azure expanse stretching as far as the eye can see. Even so far from the shore, so detached from the sea, you could tell how clear the water was. Such blueness could only come from clear water. Such blueness, like a precious aquamarine gemstone, and just as captivating. As my gaze shifted towards the shore, I began to see more and more of what made Thailand, Thailand. I suppose it’s not just Thailand now that’s like this, but all over the world.

Upon the shore, there were countless docked boats, next to a stretching line of sand, like an ivory outline, filled with beach houses, tents, volleyball nets, etc. A bit of greenery stood out near the beach, a verdant wall standing before the azure expanse. I guess it was there as shade for the beachgoers, but when placed side-by-side with the ocean and what follows, it seemed rather insignificant.

Following the small bit of greenery, the land was dotted by human infrastructure. Beach resorts, shops, hotels, whatever else you would expect to be seen in an island tourist destination. Very little greenery to be seen, save those small patches that fill up gaps in the buildings.

Not long ago, I had heard news of a new species being discovered somewhere in the country, and I was a bit worried. With humans developing more and more land, I questioned where something like that would live.

I was being paranoid obviously, Thailand still has quite a bit of greenery, of course, but the point is, it’s not an unreasonable thing to worry about. Humanity has done quite a bit of damage to the planet, and it’s not wrong to think about what else we could damage. I believe that doing so is what allows us to realize what we can do about the environment.

Funny thing what you can ponder from looking out a window. All of this started because I looked out a window from my Pattaya beach hotel.