8 Benefits That Would Convince Men To Do Yoga

Yoga today has closely been associated with women. When people think about yoga, they imagine attractive and lean women wearing tight yoga pants and slightly loose clothing doing all kinds of weird and seemingly uncomfortable poses, on a journey to become a human pretzel. But women shouldn’t be the only one who should enjoy the benefits of yoga. In fact, it was men who had developed most of the yoga styles used today.

Being over 5000 years, yoga has become more diverse and inclusive. If you think yoga is for you but is afraid that you won’t be perceived as man enough because of it, then here are 8 benefits that would definitely convince you to engage in yoga.

  1. First of all, yoga can help boost your immunity. This is done by changing your gene expression which can ultimately help improve your body’s defences. This happens when you engage in hot yoga which can help you flush body toxins out of the body as you perspire.
  2. Yoga also helps you become more productive. This is because yoga is known to reduce the stress levels in the body which would leave the person reenergized and would ultimately boost his confidence and focus.
  3. As said in item 2, yoga is a known stress reliever. This is because when a person does yoga, the parasympathetic nervous system is activated which would then ultimately reduce the cortisol levels, or the hormone responsible for stress. You should know that cortisol could damage thyroid function, and muscle tissue. Cortisol could also increase blood pressure and can cause inflammation.
  4. Yoga enhances brain function as caused by the connection and harmony of the body and breath movement. This can cause increased brain waves as well as mental clarity.
  5. Yoga is like resistance training. If you think you’re better off lifting weights at the gym, you should know that when you do yoga, you will be using a lot of your muscles to support the poses that you are doing and this is already like resistance training.
  6. Yoga enhances your sex life. Not only because of the flexibility that you can develop, you will also become more confident and more aware of your body while enhanced blood circulation allows for better arousal and erection.

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