5 Days And 4 Nights On A Liveaboard Tour – An Experience You Will Never Forget


If traveling is your passion, why not try an adventure where you can explore different islands while relaxing aboard a boat? In the Similan Island of Thailand, liveaboard boats are the best way to enjoy the sea. A totally different experience awaits you in the Similans through the liveaboard boats where you can live, work, relax and party while sailing through the calm and beautiful waters of the Andaman Sea.

Learning to scuba dive is one of the adventures that you can look forward to in the liveaboard trip. Diving courses are provided during the 4 to 5-day trip in the Andaman Sea. A reasonably sized sailboat waits from either mainland Thailand or Phuket to take you on an exploration of multiple diving spots, islands and other scenic spots in the Similans. The adventure package includes cabins where you can sleep during the night and diving gear that you can rent if you want to learn how to dive. Once you set for the waters, it is very likely that you won’t be leaving the boat for a few days and the best way to make good use of time is to learn diving. Most operators of liveaboards facilitate diving lessons by ensuring the presence of experienced scuba divers in addition to all the necessary precautions for a safe and peaceful adventure.

Similan liveaboard trips will be the highlight of your vacation in Thailand. Aside from the diving courses offered during the trip, you can also snorkel and enjoy the magnificent view of reefs on the water surface. The relaxed pace of the trip will make you forget all the pressure and stress of your normal life in the city. Your experience in the liveaboard trip is something that you will remember for many years to come.

It is important though to choose the operator of Similan island liveaboard wisely so that you will enjoy a great experience. There are operators who have high respect for the preservation and sustainability of the reefs and the surrounding waters. Book your adventure with Similan island liveaboard that will allow you a unique and beautiful experience without damaging the beauty of the environment.