3 Tips For A Worry-Free Shipping With An International Courier

When you send out a parcel through an international courier, you want it to be received by the recipient within the expected turnaround time and for the package to be in excellent condition. If these two conditions are not guaranteed by the courier company, look for a different service provider. You can find a lot of courier companies that offer local and international services and you might find it confusing to choose the right one especially if this is your first time to send a package. To hire the right international courier company, take a look at these ideas.

Check out different courier companies

Make it a point to check out different courier companies before coming up with a decision. Most courier companies have their own website that you can visit and this will save you time and fuel expenses. While in the courier’s website, read customer testimonials and check the customer’s ratings. If you are not familiar with any international courier companiesin your area, you may want to ask for referrals from your friends or colleagues.

Determine the prohibited items

There are certain items that are prohibited to be sent or are not allowed to enter in certain countries. To avoid any legal issues, make sure that you will not include prohibited items in your package even if you did not do it on purpose. To be sure about it, visit the courier company’s official website to see the list of prohibited items to be sent. Generally, the items that are prohibited for international and even local shipping include aerosol and other flammable items, body fluids and body parts, endangered live animals or those without permit, pornographic materials, plants and many more. Also, different countries have different list of restricted items so you might want to check on this.

Pack the right way

Another way to ensure that you will not have a brush with the authorities when sending a package through an international courier is by packing the item properly. Use a sturdy cardboard box if the package is heavy. For additional packing tips, visit the courier’s website for ideas.