10 Rules For Excellent Outdoor Weddings And Events

A wedding set outdoors is truly amazing. However, the planning process can get really stressful. So, I’m sharing some tips to help you with getting things to run smoothly

  1. Rules and permits

Prior to planning anything, check what rules and permits you’ll need. Getting married in a park may be a great idea. However, that park may be subject to many rules and regulations more than you think.


  2. Having guests feel comfortable

Guests’ comfort is an utmost priority. So, make sure that the venue has fans, heating units for outdoors, well-lit walkways to bathrooms, citronella candles and refreshing drinks.

  3. BYOB

It is best to find an outdoor space which allows bringing of your own alcohol, since this is a great way to cut the budget.

  4. Prepare for the weather

should have weather appropriate accessories such as scarves, gloves and umbrellas.



  5. Cover up

You need to make sure that you have a cover up or a nice jacket in case it will get cold during the wedding ceremony or reception.

  6. Photography

You should talk to your wedding photographer regarding the sun and its position during the ceremony in order for you to plan the seating arrangements properly. You will not like it if you’ll just realize during the wedding day that you’ll be squinting to the sun or hidden in shadows.



  7. Wind-proof decorations

Make sure that all your wedding decorations are wind-proof or that they can withstand a strong breeze.

  8. Audio visual

Make sure that everyone can hear you. While it depends on how busy or open a space is, you may have to hire people to set up the audio equipment.

  9. All ages

Keep all your guests in mind, regardless of age. If there is a lot of walking involved, inform them through your invite or on your website.

  10. Look for an expert

If you are not an expert in weddings, look for a venue which holds outdoor weddings often. When they do a lot of these weddings, they will have advice regarding the best practices and will also have every detail covered.



If you want to have a stress-free wedding planning, it is always helpful to also ask for help from a wedding coordinator or a Party Hire in Perth.

Congratulations and good luck on your wedding!